Privacy Policy

Privacy legislation limits the use of personal and financial details contained in your application to the specific purpose of determining your eligibility under the Program and will not be used for any other purpose.  Please refer to the VisionCare NSW Privacy Policy which follows:

VisionCare NSW is a not-for-profit organisation appointed to administer the NSW Government Spectacle Program.  The organisation is a contracted service provider for the NSW State Government and as such is an exempt organisation under the Privacy Act, 1988.  VisionCare NSW however values your privacy and you should know how VCNSW handles information given to VisionCare NSW.

VisionCare NSW collects personal information in various ways to determine Program applicants’ eligibility to receive benefits under the scheme that VisionCare NSW administers for the NSW State Government.

This personal information is provided when you complete the VisionCare NSW application form, or when you provide details by letter or over the phone.  VisionCare NSW will only collect such information as is required to meet the relevant purpose for which the information is requested.

VisionCare NSW will only retain your personal information for as long as needed.  It will then be destroyed securely and confidentially.

VisionCare NSW may also collect information about you from your Program Provider (Optometrist or Optical Dispenser) or from any other State or Federal Government agency or organisation (such as Centrelink).

If VisionCare NSW does not receive the necessary information, your application will not be processed.

You have the right at any time to access information VisionCare NSW holds about you.
VisionCare NSW does not sell your personal information to anyone.

In dealing with your application, VisionCare NSW may disclose personal information to other organisations or agencies.  When VisionCare NSW does so, VisionCare NSW will use reasonable endeavours to require your personal information to be dealt with in generally the same way as VisionCare NSW does unless the other organisation is exempt from the Privacy Act, 1988.

VisionCare NSW will also ensure so far as is reasonably possible that your personal information is kept secure from unauthorised access or disclosure.

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